How was your participation in Michael Jordan’s Basketball Summer Camp?

My basketball history is 3 years. I couldn’t say it well in words, but I was glad that I learned a lot during 10 days of practice and felt that I had grown up. I was very happy to receive a perfect score from the coach in the overall camp results! My team had American and Japanese half Taira, so I got help from an interpreter. At night, I could practice at the outside basketball court until around 10:00. At the beginning, I wasn’t able to appeal myself well because of the tension, but as I got used to it little by little, I felt better. I was a little regretted if I thought I had been attacking the game from the beginning. The difference from the practice in Japan is that if you make a good shot, you will answer with a high touch, and everyone will be happy, making you feel more fun. Homesickness is zero. I couldn’t speak English, but I could feel something.
The first impression of Michael Jordan is Decai! The form of the shoot is beautiful. He was very kind to me when I took a group photo together. Michael Jordan has come to Tokyo a long time ago, and I prepared the name plate I got when I was able to participate in the lottery for the next camp. was! It became a treasure of memorable items for me. I was disappointed that I couldn’t win the All-Star match on the last day of the camp.

Voice of parents

Honestly, I really participated with the thought that if I absorbed it as an experience .. I didn’t expect the playing technique to change immediately in the last two weeks. Why did my son’s play suddenly change .. I feel that it is a “power that I want myself” that cannot be realized in Japan today. Rather than being taught, look at the skills of players around you and imitate or steal. I move from myself before being given because I feel frustrated. That is the spirit of challenge that cannot be obtained in Japan, which is now blessed. From the current situation of parents in Japan who want to give everything they need before they want it, this basketball experience that was never experienced is the power of encouragement in the future of my son’s life. I believe it will be. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone who gave me this opportunity. Thank you in the future.

ARC staff comments

Mr. Suzuki has heard that he wants to participate in this year’s Michael Jordan Basketball Camp and that a new bash has been prepared since last year. I was able to guide you to apply. During camping, you will spend time with children from different countries. Under such circumstances, “I didn’t speak English but I felt like I was able to communicate” was a great experience. Many Japanese people have complex English, and they tend to think that “speaking English is embarrassing”, but English is just one tool for communication. I want to convey my feelings to the other person. Surely, this thought was transmitted to the other party through his favorite basketball. I have heard that next year, I will be going to a high school where American basketball is thriving. Please do your best in American high school.

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