About dance

How did you decide to study abroad?

I wanted to touch overseas dance and culture. I want to be able to speak English.

How was the quality of the dance instructors and lessons, how was the reputation? Can you recommend it?

All dance classes and studios were the best !! It would be nice to have an instructor or a class that suits you, and it would be a good environment where you can touch the genres you are not good at or your first genre.

About accommodation

Please tell us how you are staying.

The first dormitory has children from many different countries, and it was great for meeting people and practicing English. Even though I lived in an apartment, I lived with a foreign child, but I enjoyed it very much. Everyone cooks rice or plays until the night …

How was your stay and the security around the school / studio? Did you experience dangerous things, and was it convenient to travel by bus or subway?

It wasn’t dangerous, but when I take a late class at night, I get a child from a nearby home and the same direction of return. As bus and subway were easy to understand, it was convenient.

What was the most enjoyable thing?

Dancers’ friends and friends were made all over the world, and it was fun to practice with the instructors and their crew! The instructors and the people who received them were also very amazing dancers, so I always got a good stimulus. It was.

What was the hardest part and what was the problem?

It was hard not to speak English. I was sad when I wanted to talk more and I couldn’t understand the teacher’s words during the lesson, but they were good people and they taught me English and it was fun.

About studying abroad

What did you think you should prepare in advance? On the other hand, what was useful?

I thought I should have brought Japanese ingredients. Condiments and instants …
Japanese antiperspirants are good and I didn’t sell them so much, so I thought it was good to bring them.

Did you have any interaction with Americans during your stay? Have you ever tried to interact with Americans?

I didn’t know what I was talking about at first because the natives are really quick, but if you don’t know what they are saying, they will tell you and you will get along!
I attended a meeting with Americans once a week.

About language schools

How did you spend outside language school and lessons?

I went to the beach with friends, shopping, watching movies … I went to a theme park with my dancing friends, practiced once a week, danced battles, went to rice, etc. It was fulfilling every day.

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