Musical actor program

Learning music is not yet major in Japan, but it is one of the genres called Performing Arts (Performing Arts) in the United States and England, and is one of the cultures deeply rooted in this land. It is a well-established academic degree with a long history and established methods (teaching methods) to learn it.

Since a musical consists of singing, dancing and acting, it is necessary to study singing, dancing and acting .

Musical singing method

Learn this

  • Singing method of various genres
  • Acting through songs
  • How to make a natural voice

The singing method required for musicals differs depending on the stage. Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to sing various genres.[Read more]

Theater dance

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  • Dance of various genres
  • Acting method using the body
  • Choreographer of a famous choreographer

Dance that dances in shows such as musicals is called theater dance.[Read more]

Musical performance

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  • Studying the Acting Method
  • How to read a script
  • Develop ideas

In a musical, you must perform while singing and dancing.[Read more]

Why study musicals in the United States?

There are several schools in Japan that study musicals, but they are still inexperienced, and acting methods are not well established.
The musical begins with “The Black Crook” (Black Clock), premiered on Broadway in 1866. Since then, many shows have been born in the United States, and many stage actors have been produced. Throughout its long history, it became a genre called Performing Arts (Performing Arts), and a proper method (teaching method) was established, establishing a degree and academic status.

Musical is one of the deeply rooted cultures of American history. Let’s learn authentic techniques that can’t be learned in Japan!Find a school >>>

American Musical & Dramatic Academy AMDA

American Musical & Dramatic Academy AMDA is the most famous vocational school in the musical world with campuses in New York and Los Angeles.More details 

Los Angeles Performing Arts Conservatory

Los Angeles Performing Arts Conservatory

The school is well located 3 blocks from Santa Monica Beach. The theater is also a classroom and you can study in an ideal environment to study acting.More details 

Higher competitive rate than Ivy League universities

Juilliard University

The world-famous art school, Juilliard, is divided into three departments: art, music, and theater. About 60% of students major in music. In the music department, you can take a doctoral course.More details 

University of North Texas Theater & Dance, Drama

The University of North Texas is a school famous for its arts department. Performing arts is well-established and you can study actors, directors, stage management, art, costumes, makeup, and acoustics.More details 

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