Study abroad for film production

What is required is sensitivity, and the final goal is finding a job locally

In studying abroad for film production, it is not only an academic viewpoint such as the university’s name recognition and academic background, but also a study abroad in which the sense of sensitivity and the ability to create a work full of personality is questioned. In the American film production school, teachers who have experienced the actual scenes teach based on the technology, experience and know-how cultivated for a long time. In order to impress people through the screen, there is always a theory that supports it, and it is also important to learn it, but in the end it is necessary to study abroad with a sense and sensitivity in mind It is important.

What to learn

Studying abroad at the American Center for International Studies offers two major programs. One is a film making program that learns how to shoot movies, and the other is a visual arts program that is used in post-production such as computer-generated CG animation and VFX (visual effects).

Movie production program

Movie production program

Directing to learn the role of the director who directs film production in general, shooting to learn how to use the camera and equipment, production to write screenplay, budget allocation and progress management, digital editing such as trailer production, etc. The goal is to maintain and build a career as a film production staff in the future.More details 

Visual Arts program

Visual Arts program

Students will deepen their knowledge and understanding of 3DCG, digital synthesis, and animation, and learn tools and know-how used in the industry. In the future, the program aims to take on positions such as character designers, technical directors, motion animators, and VFX animators.More details 

Study abroad to make a “demo reel”

In the film production school, demo reels are produced in almost all workshops. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a student’s daily life to make a reel by staying at school until late at night even after the class is over, and most of the school hours are spent on the production of this demo reel. Some courses require very short schedules and attend classes, which can be a very hard schedule. At the end of the workshop, there will also be a screening for student friends and family. The demo reels that I have produced are appreciated by the general public, and the movies I make can be used as my own portfolio for going on to higher education and job hunting, as well as entering various awards.

English required for film production

The most frequently asked question is about English, which depends on which field of filmmaking you are learning. For example, in a position that supervises staff such as directors and production progress, naturally speaking skills are required. If you want to learn more about the script, you will need writing skills. Conversely, if you are working on a computer using animators or visual effects, you will not need much English. Taking the English test TOEFL as an example, if you have around 550 to 650 points, it will be fun to collaborate with 4-5 crew members. If you are not confident in your English skills, we recommend that you take a pre-study in advance.

Employment in the American film production industry

The ultimate goal of most students studying abroad to study filmmaking is to work in a local production. Employment in the United States is not limited to the film production industry, and there is no such thing as hiring as a new graduate every April as in Japan. Depending on the position availability, it will be hired throughout the year. In an industry where immediate action is always emphasized, especially in industries where the sense of film production is a question, it is often the case that when a demo reel is shown, it is adopted on the spot. However, the most important and hurdle for international students to find a job locally is the work visa.

Frequently asked questions about studying abroad

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