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The goal is a Hollywood actor!
Broadway musical actor! !

In the United States, learning theater is no exaggeration to say that you learn the culture of the country. Theater in this country has a long history, deeply rooted in culture, and is part of people’s lives. Learning theater in Japan tends to seem like an extension of hobbies, but in the United States, the theater department has established a method (teaching method) as one of its academic fields. These are called acting techniques, and the school will learn various performance techniques.

* This program is Tobitate! It can be combined with the Japan Studying Program for Japan.
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What kind of actor will you become?

Theatrical (acting) is roughly divided into two genres. One is an actor who is active in movies, TV commercials, and so on called Movie Actors. The second is an actor who plays an active role on the stage, such as musicals called stage actors and straight play.

Musical actor program

Musical actor program

There are two genres of stage actors. This is a straight-play only for the musical that draws the world brilliantly by singing and dancing, and for the lines that are one of the traditional theater methods such as Shakespeare.More details 

Movie / TV actor program

Movie / TV actor program

Video actors like movies and TV are called On-Camera Actors. Now, TV actors are treated the same as movie actors, and the competition rate is increasing.More details 

Do you study at university? Learn at the Acting School?

Learn at Acting School

Recommended for such people!

  • Those who want to learn Acting in a short period of time
  • Someone who knows exactly what kind of actor he wants to be
  • People who want to keep costs low
  • Those who are not confident in English

At the Acting School, you can learn more about practical things in a short period of time.[Read more]

Study at the University with a major in theater

Recommended for such people!

  • People who want to learn from the basics
  • Those who want to get a degree
  • People who want to learn other than acting
  • Those who have confidence in English

In order to enter the university, it is necessary to meet the score provided by the university in the official English test called TOEFL or iELTS.[Read more]

What are the English skills required for studying actors acting?

To learn Acting in the United States, English conversation skills are more essential than grammar. The English ability to learn Acting requires more conversational and reading skills than the English you can learn. Acting in English is many times more difficult than acting in your native language.

If you are not confident in English, we recommend that you first take local English training. There are many acting schools that offer English language training .

Can Japanese be active as an actor?

“Last Samurai” Ken Watanabe and Hiroyuki Sanada, as well as Laura, who has recently been active in Japanese variety shows, appeared in Hollywood movies with “Resident Evil” and became a hot topic. Japanese actors are also entering the Hollywood film industry.
Also in New York, Yokokura Ryoko and Takaoka-born Kazuyo Yō, and Yamato Suruga also appeared on the Broadway stage in the musical “Chicago”. How can we learn the knowledge and experience necessary to capture and play a dream in this world where various skills such as acting, sword fighting and dance are required, in addition to English skills?“Read more”

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