Study abroad

Study abroad at the birthplace of many music

America is the birthplace of music of various genres such as R & B, pop, rock, rap, jazz. Learning in such an environment will surely enhance your sensitivity. There are many famous music schools in the east and west that teach digital composition, instrumental performance, audio technology and DJs. In addition to the music curriculum, applicants can also receive English training.

* This program is Tobitate! It can be combined with the Japan Studying Program for Japan.
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What to learn by studying abroad

Musical instrument performance course

Enroll in one of the following courses: guitar, bass, keyboard, percussion, or percussion (drums). If it is a certificate, the course is one year, and if it is a junior college course, it is one and a half years. Some schools have a four-year university degree in three years.

Voice and vocal course

It is a course to improve the singing ability like the musical instrument performance course. Regular sessions such as jam sessions, group bands, and the opportunity to present in front of students cover a variety of genres of vocals.

Audio Technology Artist Course

You can enter commercial music, recording technology programs, acoustic courses such as concerts, and guitar production craftsmanship courses. We aim to develop human resources who can handle audio technology at concerts.

Turntable DJ course

It is recommended for those who want to become a DJ or who want to raise their DJ skills.

Music Business Management Course

This is a course to learn how to produce and sell music in the music business world, music business marketing techniques, and commercial methods in the general music world.