Learn languages ​​while taking lessons from professional dancers!

ARC’s most popular program for attending a language school while taking dance lessons at famous dance studios in Los Angeles or New York . Anyone can participate from a short period of time.

* This program is Tobitate! It can be combined with the Japan Studying Program for Japan.
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Dance lesson

Learn all the dance styles

This program offers a variety of dance style lessons including hip hop, poppin, jazz, modern, african, tap dance and ballet. The instructor is a veteran dancer who also choreographs for Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Backstreet Boys, etc.

You can go to multiple studios

There are about 10 to 20 students per class, and various kinds of dances are performed every day from morning to night, so you can take whatever lesson you want. Each program includes a certain number of dance lesson tickets, so you can freely purchase additional tickets after you have used up your tickets. It is also possible to hold different studios.Find a school >>>

Los Angeles dance studio

Los Angeles is characterized by strong street dance such as hip hop and breakins. Of course, there are other dance style lessons. There are some differences in the styles that are emphasized depending on the school. You can introduce the studio according to your dance style request. Dance is available from 3 to 4 schools.

Recommended for those who want to improve their street dance skills!  Popular dance studio where professional dancers active in Hollywood can learn.

Millennium Dance Complex

This is a recommended dance class for those who want to improve their skills in hip hop, jazz and street dance. It is the most popular dance studio where many professional dancers active in Hollywood can learn.More details 

This is a recommended dance school for those who want to take a variety of lessons!

Edge Performing Arts Center

This is a recommended dance school for classical ballet, modern, hip-hop, and other people who want to study theatre, and those who want to take a variety of lessons.More details 

Hollywood dance studio for intermediate and advanced professionals

Debbie Reynolds Legacy Studio

One of three major dance studios alongside Millennium and Edge. The instructor is an active choreographer who also teaches Millennium at the same time. For professionals who want to become a dancer seriously, such as being over 17 years old.More details 

The most popular dance school among Japanese living in Los Angeles.

Movement Lifestyle Studio

Dance school where top dancers from around the world act as instructors.More details 

New York dance studio

New York is highly recommended because it allows you to experience various types of dance and to go out to the arts and theater. Let’s hone your sensibility in the world of art! Like Los Angeles, New York has slightly different styles depending on the school. There is only Broadway’s knees, and there are many theater dances (jazz, modern, etc.). There are also plenty of ballet classes and ethnic dance classes where you can enjoy dancing from various countries. Choose from 4 dance studios. Classrooms can be held, and you can go to school by subway.

The most famous and high quality dance program in New York!

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

Alvin Eylie is a legendary dancer / choreographer who is said to have changed the modern American dance, expressing the beauty of the human body based on African culture. A dance school that has been acclaimed for its original choreography and expression and is attracting attention from all over the world.More details 

A dance studio where you can enjoy the highest level of dance with plenty of courses

Steps On Broadway

Steps on Broadway, located in Broadway, offers over 50 lessons daily. It is a professional training dance course from beginner to advanced courses. A long-term student visa is also being developed for international students.More details 

A modern studio perfect for learning Broadway musical dance

Perry Dance Center

Perry dance center that focuses on both classical ballet and modern dance. It has a homely atmosphere and is popular with Japanese international students. It also enables long-term study visas on F visas.More details 

Provides tap, theater, hip hop and a wide range of dance training

Broadway Dance Center

For modern dances such as taps, theaters and hip hop, the Broadway Dance Center is recommended. If you are professional and already danced, you will definitely be satisfied! A long-term student visa is also being developed for international students.More details 

Anyone can participate anytime

Start time

The basic admission is every Monday. I’m going to Japan from the weekend.

The length of stay

From one week to more than one year, you can choose according to your budget and preferences throughout the year.

Anyone can study abroad!

There are no requirements for studying abroad. Anyone can learn.

Stay in a dormitory or homestay

Stay in a dormitory located next to or near the language school. Futon and linen are all available. The room is a single room, so you can stay comfortably without worrying about others. The bath and toilet are shared with other students. It’s also a great opportunity to make friends with students who are studying abroad. From homestays to schools or studios, students often go to school by bus or subway and become suburban residential areas within an hour. Living with Americans for a short period of time will allow you to learn American culture and customs, and to have experiences that you cannot obtain from a language school or dance studio.

American dance study experience

Experiences that can only be done in the United States, such as what we learned from professional dancers in the United States and the atmosphere of dance schools, cannot be shared with us. The best way to study abroad is from customers who have studied abroad.

Living in America was more than I imagined

Living in America was more than I imagined

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I could meet people from all over the world, so my vision expanded

I could meet people from all over the world, so my vision expanded

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A month of great growth as a person other than skills

A month when I was able to grow as a person

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I wanted to go there again in such a great two weeks and felt the wonderfulness of Japan again!

I once again felt the beauty of Japan!

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Frequently asked questions about studying abroad

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