President and Founder:
Ms. Chiey Numora

The results of research and development of IT technology are developing at a speed far beyond our expectations, and we are faced with major changes in every aspect of our lifestyle. Previously, studying abroad was the general goal of “enhancing education abroad”, but now society and people are becoming more and more connected to the world in the virtual world through social media, so it is necessary to go abroad. I heard that there are more people in Japan who think there is no. The spread of “YOUTUBE” videos will make you feel like you’re sightseeing, and you won’t bother to go to dangerous overseas countries. Japan is the safest and safest.

The number of international students is decreasing among Asian countries. Japan is the only
contrast to Japan now. The number of Chinese international students continues to increase with the ban on visa bans on Chinese by the U.S. government. And is eager to learn the latest technology in the United States. Many international students have long noticed the movement of wealthy parents who sent their children to the United States by studying abroad in order to escape from China, and parents later applied for permanent residence. Most Chinese international students specialize only in the fields of science and mathematics / engineering engineering, and are characterized by regular studying abroad with a degree. Chinese who come to study abroad just like English training like a Japanese think that it is a waste of money. The goal of “study abroad” for them is the shortest distance to economic power, independence and permanent residence.

I was shocked when I visited a high school with a US dormitory 10 years ago
. I would like to talk about an episode at a private school in Florida. The Chinese government is aiming for the spread of Chinese culture in the name of cultural cooperation support for the spread of Chinese in a package that includes free language tutors, teaching materials, and tutoring expenses for public middle and high schools in the United States. The government has been working on it. By this time, Nomura couldn’t hide his surprise, knowing that more than 100 public schools had already been accepted by the Chinese government. In other words, using the culture-level academic route, there is a strong concern that the Chinese government is a clear propaganda public relations activity to bring the young American generation closer to China, and the first approach to advance soft landing Because I hugged. If the school provided only a classroom, there was no salary to hire a teacher, and the foreign language course costs were welcomed. Ten years later, the Chinese government pulls out a large number of former Chinese students working for US companies in science and IT organizations, with annual incomes two to three times that of the United States, so that the US government is now accused of industrial espionage. The commotion has begun to stand out from 2018, and it has been developing to international troubles. The sense of crisis that Nomura had ten years ago has finally become a reality.

What is the difference between “excursion” and “study abroad”?
It is rumored that China will overtake the United States in A1 research by 2025, and China has already surpassed Japan in the number of global patent applications. Leading the world in the future is expected to be concentrated in the IT technology and regenerative medicine IPS research fields. On the other hand, 85% of international students from Japan are still limited to “learning” for English language training purposes, so they lack the backbone of language skills and expertise to compete with Chinese students and compete with them. I am really disappointed that I was placed in a very disadvantageous position from the beginning. Videos that enhance general education seem to be increasing in recent YOUTUBE, but competitiveness with overseas is indispensable in the world of the latest academics that nurture human resources to support the country. Unless the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) curriculum for English lessons is reformed in the future, it will not be possible to solve the problem with the “Spring Up Japan” lump sum payment policy. It’s no wonder that nobody has a sense of crisis in 30 Asian countries, where the Japanese language skills remain 3-4th from the bottom. It is true that there are many students from Japan who are not good at science and mathematics. 15% of Japanese international students have not changed in the past 30 years in the ratio of regular study abroad with a degree.

Easier to find employment in the US by studying for 3 years as an intern in STEM (Stem) The
recent US government is keen to pursue technology development from China. Stem stands for Science, Technology IT skills, Engineering engineering, and Mathematics mathematics. A paid internship apprenticeship system called OPT is a great advantage for international students who have obtained a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in graduate school from these majors. International students who have graduated from general courses such as business can only work for internships for 12 months, but international students who are science and mathematics are preferentially treated with the benefits of a three-year acceptance frame. This system is especially recommended for those who want to work in the United States.

“Study Abroad” message for people who are not satisfied with virtual experiences and don’t want to compromise is a sense of accomplishment that can never be obtained from the virtual world of YOUTUBE, how to face new values, and free ideas that are not bound by common sense You can encounter many stories that cannot be experienced only in Japan, such as the creativity, the flexible approach to crisis awareness, the sense of balance that develops objective power, and the ability to respond quickly. Naturally, what you get from “study abroad” varies from person to person. From the perspective of looking at Japan from the outside, everyone will be aware of their position. It is ironic that the number of people with stress is increasing because of the dependence that makes them uneasy if they are not connected virtually. It’s exciting to connect with unknown people in a virtual way, but the Center for Studying in the United States hopes to help those who are looking for themselves to jump out of Japan and look back on themselves overseas. Why don’t you become one of the next generations of Japan who can feel more happy to be Japanese so that you can like Japan more? We look forward to.

Chiei Nomura
 April 29, 2019 Los Angeles Headquarter, Center for Studying in USA