Is there a difference between “Japanese high school” and “Canada high school”?

Canadian high school is free anyway! School rules are not strict, and everyone is growing and living a school life. I think that freedom comes with responsibility, but I think that living more freely can focus on things by looking at life more. So Canadian high school was very exciting.
All students work hard to find their goals and the meaning of life. Students who like music and art took art and guitar classes, and those who wanted to become future cooks had a cafeteria lunch class.

How was your English ability right after you went to the United States?
What do you think is the advantage of learning English locally?

When I went there, it was completely different from the English I had learned so far. There were lots of interesting discoveries such as casual expressions, expressions that can only be used in conversation, and popular youth. I think there are many benefits to learning English locally. I think that the number of tools for learning English has increased due to the spread of the Internet in this era, but I think that you can learn deeper and more active English by studying locally.

How did you get over your homework?

When I didn’t understand Spanish homework, I was taught by Spanish and Mexicans. Other subjects asked questions during class if they didn’t understand. The teacher taught me carefully, so I was able to learn smoothly. So, the best way to survive is to ask people.

What is your best memory in high school?

My biggest memory is a ski trip. In particular, the Whistler trip with other international students is the best memory. The view from the mountain that was the stage of the Vancouver Olympics was majestic and very attractive. While having the instructor teach skiing, on the last day I was able to slide down from the top of the mountain and it was a lot of fun!

Message for those going to Canada High School

Studying abroad is a valuable experience, but it also broadens your perspective on trivial things. I think that making friends all over the world is an unprecedented experience. Thank you for the environment where you can study abroad and have fun!

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